Perhaps no other communications channel is important as a website, and I’ve spent a great deal of time over the past decade helping organizations dial in their web content. This has included the following:

  • Reorganizing website structure
  • Rewriting and adding new, powerful and robust website content
  • Migrating websites into more user-friendly and customizable content management systems
  • Thorough search engine optimization and search engine marketing efforts
  • Adding newsletter and email content to link to from marketing emails
  • Close integration with social media including website visitor remarketing efforts
  • Integrating contact, sign up, payment and donation forms
  • Working to integrate websites into CRMs and point of sale softwares.

Archway Housing and Services

I was hired to redesign a website and provide a more user friendly content management system for Archway Housing & Services, a non-profit organization that provides housing and services for low to moderate income residents along the front range of Colorado. The business collects housing applications and program service information to residents and potential residents as well as solicits donations to provide its services.

As part of my role I did the following:

  • Fully redesigned and provided a mobile friendly webpage with a more modern and cleaner look and feel.
  • Provided training and access to a more user friendly WordPress content management system
  • Created a staff section to highlight the organization’s employees.
  • Added a donation portal to the website so that donors could give to organization via credit card
  • Optimized pages for SEO ranking.
  • Provide a blogging news platform so that staff could add exciting updates.
  • Embedded contact forms so potential clients could reach out.

View the website or click the screenshots below.

Personalized Home Wellness

I was hired to redesign a website and provide a more user friendly content management system for Personalized Home Wellness, a company that provides health coaching, home healthcare, personal training and massage services for its clients in the Denver / Boulder area. The business encourages healthy living and wellness action for people to improve their lives.

As part of my role I did the following:

  • Fully redesigned webpage for a more modern and cleaner look and feel.
  • Provided training and access to a more user friendly WordPress content management system
  • Wrote engaging content for the business’ services sections, blog posts, bios and more.
  • Optimized pages for SEO ranking.
  • Provide a blogging platform to for owner to update clients with news and information.
  • Embedded contact forms so potential customers could reach out.
  • Integrated a client review feature into the website.

View the website or click the screenshots below.

Old Town Hot Springs

When I first joined Old Town Hot Springs, the website was templated, difficult to edit and not mobile responsive. That’s right, if you wanted to view the website content on your phone you had to pinch and drag to zoom in on the content. Additionally, there was not very much information on the website and it rarely changed. When new information about a program or class was added it was often done in a PDF document. All of this meant the site ranked low in search results and customers and members would often struggle to find the information they needed. I immediately set out to redo the entire website, integrating the content into WordPress and allowing for infinite possibilities for displaying information.

From there I began expanded content and pages to coincide with the information that customers and members were looking for. Pages were added for each of the more than 100 fitness classes each week so that members could read about new classes and see the details. A main hot springs page was created to clearly explain to guests the full layout and offerings of the facility with pictures of each pool.

Some important accomplishments of the Old Town Hot Springs Website

  • Made website mobile responsive and integrated into WordPress system.
  • Increased web traffic by more than 60% over three years. This included a nearly 33% increase in search traffic as a result of improved search engine optimization primarily from creating new and more robust content inline with what people were searching for.
  • Secured and managed a Google Grant for the website providing $10,000 worth of free Adwords each month.
  • Implemented events calendar highlighting, and providing information for 100 fitness classes each week.
  • Created capital campaign page which including online donation form and fundraising event ticket purchase form.
  • Revamped entire hot springs tourism section highlighting important details and information for daily visitors.

View the website or click the screenshots below.

U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA)

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency serves as the anti-doping organization for athletes in the Olympic and Paralympic movements. As a result the organization can garner a lot of national attention when various popular athletes test positive for prohibited substances. The website also serves as an educational hub for athletes related to their anti-doping responsibilities.

As part of my role I did the following:

  • Migrated the website into the WordPress system providing a more customizable and user friendly website for the more than 1 million visitors each year.
  • Updated relevant content including athlete educational information, media materials, science updates and information, testing results database, adjudication information including sanctioned athletes list and more.
  • Increased search engine traffic by more than %400 in five years by adding relevant and robust content based on what visitors were searching for.

True Sport

TrueSport was a brand that was created during my time at the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency that serves as a nationwide youth education platform regarding sportsmanship, health, safety and values in youth sports. TrueSport had its own branding including website. In my position I was responsible for the following.

  • Worked with vendors to create the website from scratch adding a plethora of educational materials and information.
  • Performed extensive search engine optimization efforts to ensure that parents, teachers, coaches and students from around the country would find the information.
  • Updated videos, tutorials, workbooks and more as needed.