Email marketing can be an extremely valuable tool for any organization. It is highly effective and also provides one of the highest returns on investment among all available marketing tools. It costs very little to reach people through email marketing comparatively to other mediums. Are you taking full advantage?

My experience with email marketing includes:

  • Creating and writing engaging, strategic and influenceable content
  • Extensive experience managing, organizing, and designing emails using various email clients including Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Marketo and others
  • Ensuring emails are designed with responsive layouts so that they are viewable and aesthetically pleasing across all devices
  • Writing and creating corresponding and linkable web content so that interested readers can click through to the website, social media events, donations forms, etc
  • Coordinating integration with customer relationship management systems (CRMs) to trigger automatic emails based on registrations, birthdays or actionable items
  • Managing and currating contact lists and audience segments
  • Capturing contacts through integrated web-to-lead forms.
  • Product and programming sales emails with actionable click throughs and proven results
  • Monthly newsletters including donor focused and development outreach newsletters

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